Teaching Focus & Philosophy

I have experience teaching and training a variety of audiences (e.g., graduate and undergraduate students, practitioners). I am well prepared to teach courses and lead workshops on organizational behavior and human resource management, as well as more specific subjects such as cognition, psychological resilience, and negotiations.

My experiences have helped me develop three broad principles that guide my approach to teaching:

  1. Supplying an interactive learning environment - I believe course principles are effectively learned through practice and when students are engaged in “learning-by-doing”, especially in the field of management.
  2. Achieving learning objectives by promoting personal, real-world application and reflection - I believe students value seeing the content they learn “in action” to help them envision how they might use the knowledge they are learning throughout their careers.
  3. Emphasizing student engagement - I believe learning has an affective dimension, and so I strive to create a classroom climate of psychological safety, positive affect, and inspiration to increase student engagement. I attempt to facilitate psychological safety by respectfully encouraging discussion participation, and providing students with opportunities to voice their opinions.

Binyamin Cooper
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

My research interests include…