Recent Teaching Experience


MAN 3401 Human Resource Management (UF, Fall 2018)

  • Teacher Rating 4.60\5; Department avg. 4.26\5
  • Recieved Ph.D. Outstanding Teaching Award, Warrington College of Business (Fall 2018)
  • As an introductory course, it combines theories with practices to reveal the important role that HRM plays in the organization. The recognition and development of human capital is critical for organizations to gain sustainable competitiveness and develop dynamic capability. In this course, students are introduced to the fundamentals and trends of HR management. Students develop a better understanding on how to develop and implement effective and efficient human resource practices that support the strategic objectives of the firms. Increasingly, the task of managing and developing people is shared between HR department and managers. Thus, this course not only benefits students who seek careers in human resources, but also those who might pursue managerial positions in their career paths.

MAN 3240 Organizations: Structure and Behavior (UF, Fall 2017)

  • Teacher Rating 4.62\5 ; Department avg. 4.33\5
  • This course seeks to accomplish three primary objectives. The first is to introduce students to the basic principles and concepts of organizational behavior. Another is to help students develop the skills required to implement these principles for their own benefit and for the benefit of an organization of which they are or will be a member. The third is to help students gain a better understanding of themselves. These three objectives are accomplished through lectures, class discussion, exercises, exams, and a group project.

Teaching Assistant

Negotiations (CMU)

  • Graduate level class, Fall 2020
  • Lecturer: Prof. Laurie R. Weingart

Summer Workshops in Advanced Research Methods (SWARM, hosted by Tel-Aviv University)

  • Ph.D. and Junior Faculty workshop, June 2019
  • Lecturer: Prof. Mo Wang, Topic: Mplus
  • Teaching Assistant Rating 5\5

MAN 7108 Seminar on Research Methods (UF)

  • Ph.D. seminar, Fall 2018
  • Lecturer: Prof. Mo Wang

MAN 5245-6 Organizational Behavior (UF)

  • Graduate level class, Fall 2015 – Spring 2019
  • Lecturer: Prof. Amir Erez

Invited Lectures

  • MAN 3240 Organizations: Structure and Behavior (Spring 2019)
    Topic: Negotiation
  • MAN 3240 Organizations: Structure and Behavior (Fall 2018)
    Topic: Negotiation
  • MAN 5246 Organizational Behavior (MBA class, Summer 2018)
    Lecturer: Dr. Ariane Froidevaux
    Topic: Negotiation
  • MAN 3240 Organizations: Structure and Behavior (Spring 2018)
    Topic: Negotiation
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